Hey there! I’ve just released a new version of a Dreamcast Restoration 2.0 mod for Crazy Taxi. The changelog is as follows:

  • Restored previously cut passenger voices referring to licensed destinations. While I initially thought they were removed from the files, turns out I was wrong and they were locked off, just like everything else around these licenses.
  • Fixed Z-fighting on re-enabled FILA and Pizza Hut logos. This means they will not flicker anymore.

This release in action – Alexvgz published a teaser for restored voices a while ago. Now, with Z-fighting fixed, we’re finally making this release official:

Additionally, just yesterday Rinnegatamante published an update for his Crazy Taxi Vita that integrates Dreamcast Restoration 2.0! In fact, his findings made this update possible, as I was finally able to fix the Z-fighting =)

Crazy Taxi Vita can be downloaded from VitaDB and requires a (free) copy of Crazy Taxi for Android.


The modification can be downloaded from Mods & Patches. Click here to head to the game’s page directly:

Download Dreamcast Restoration 2.0 for Crazy Taxi
After downloading, all you need to do is to extract the archives to the game’s directory, and that’s it! Not sure how to proceed? Check the Setup Instructions.

For those interested, full source codes of both mods has been published on GitHub, so it can be freely used as a point of reference:
See Dreamcast Restoration 2.0 on GitHub