Last update: August 7, 2021
Proper analog controls, fixed crashes with a steering wheel and more.

This modification fixes several bugs in the Steam version of Crazy Taxi. While some of the bugs (such as broken analog steering) already had unofficial fixes in the past, they are shipped as an executable edit and they can have some side effects depending on the gamepad used. SilentPatch also fixes several other bugs not covered by other fixes, e.g. a crash when booting the game with steering wheels connected. With this patch, the game is fully playable with a steering wheel (and a shifter), providing a full arcade experience.

  • Issues with analog steering and pressure sensitive triggers have been fixed. This applies both to XInput and DirectInput controllers.
  • A crash when starting the game with specific DirectInput devices (e.g. steering wheels) has been fixed.
  • Analog stick deadzones have been refined slightly to improve steering responsiveness and make it feel closer to the Dreamcast release.
  • Alt + F4 now works correctly.
  • When using the Windowed mode, the window size has been corrected to avoid distorting the image.
  • When using the Windowed mode, maximizing is now disallowed by disabling the Maximize button rather than by making it non-functional.
  • Restored several missing cheats/hotkeys from the original PC version. These are:
    • Reset Camera (Shift + Alt + F5)
    • Cinematic Camera (Shift + Alt + F6)
    • First Person Camera (Shift + Alt + F7)
    • Show Speedometer (Shift + Alt + F8)


  • Cryoburner - for the original Crazy Taxi Analog Controller Unofficial Fix

Setup instructions

See source on GitHub

Dreamcast Restoration 2.0

Last update: March 19, 2022
Restoring licensed brands from the Dreamcast version.

Co-developed with Alexvgz.

This plugin for Crazy Taxi restores the original licensed brands from the Arcade and Dreamcast versions. The original version of the mod was made by Alexvgz and involved replacing textures; after some investigation I found a way to restore brands by editing the code instead. This has also allowed for complete restorations of FILA and Pizza Hut logos, and for a restoration of FILA as a possible customer destination - unlike other licensed brands, FILA was not only made unmarked, but also made unreachable by customers.


  • Restored original licensed destinations:
    • Pizza Hut (Pizza Parlor)
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken Shack)
    • FILA
    • Tower Records (Record Store)
    • The Original Levi’s store (Clothing Store)
  • Restored FILA (Shoe Rack) as a possible destination for customers, previously cut completely
  • Restored original voice lines for licensed destinations

This modification does not (and will not) restore the original soundtrack from the Dreamcast version.

Setup instructions

See source on GitHub

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