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I am happy to report that World Racing 2: Champion Edition, a digital re-release of World Racing 2 I’ve been working on has now been released on Steam, and ZOOM Platform!


WR2CE offers the full experience and the classic gameplay of the original 2005 game, plus:

  • Custom unlicensed cars created by modifying the original 2005 game’s licensed ones, fitting in an unified “Synetic lore” of N.I.C.E., World Racing, and Crash Time
  • Revised environment art, placing the game’s sceneries in an unified “Synetic lore” of N.I.C.E., World Racing, and Crash Time
  • Numerous technical improvements that ensure smooth experience on both older and modern PCs
  • Support for ultrawide displays and modern controllers
  • Raised stock game limits and a 64-bit build, allowing for more extreme modding
  • Expanded Photo Mode
  • 52 achievements
  • Full Steam Workshop support, building upon the original game’s modding capabilities and expanding them further
  • Steam Remote Play Together, allowing players to play split-screen online
  • Steam Cloud

I’m excited to see the reception of this release – while it’s far from my first commercial project, it’s the first time I’ve been involved in production to this extent! We potentially have more things planned for this release, so if there is a demand – this might not be the end 😉