Last update: July 22, 2018
If you are on Windows 10, now you should be crashing less.

This game, which shares a lot of the internals with GTA games, performs fairly well in its PC incarnation as is. However, it’s more than likely that you have at some point spotted the amount of complaints Windows 10 users have about the game, or maybe you have encountered crashes yourself.

SilentPatch attempts to fix Bully memory management completely, so it behaves in the same way independent of Windows version. This is not the only fix included, however - most notably, it attempts to improve gameplay experience by improving frame pacing, as well as fixing a few other issues.

Crash and bug fixes

  • Crashes occuring on Windows 10 (and potentially on Windows 8.1 and other systems) have been fixed
  • Collision loading has been improved, fixing occasional crashes on initial game load
  • Frame Limiter has been made much more precise, so the game should lock at exactly 30FPS now (as opposed to stock limiter being prone to dropping frames a lot)

Quality of life improvements

  • An option to change FPS cap has been added to SilentPatchBully.ini file (game defaults to 30FPS)
  • FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING flag has been removed from IMG reading functions - potentially speeding up streaming

Submitting feedback

Since this is a public beta release, you may encounter crashes. Because of this, MiniDumper utility has been shipped together with SilentPatch. In case of a crash, a .dmp file will be created in your game directory.

If you want to report it as a bug (any feedback is very much appreciated), first ENSURE YOU HAVE AN UNMODDED GAME (texture mods are fine, scripts - not so much). You can report a bug (.dmp file + a brief explanation on what you were doing when the game crashes) on the GitHub Issue page.

See source on GitHub