Woop! It took a while, but a new public beta release of SP for Bully is out!

Mind you, crashes will may and will occur – however, now they should be even less frequent.

Changes in this build:

  • Shipped an updated MiniDumper, solving issues where it would “overreact” and produce plenty of .dmp files for no reason.
  • Fixed game’s objects pool usage, fixing possible crashes.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when starting Nutcrackin’ or Music Class.
  • Added a SP version number to main menu, so it is more obvious whether an user has installed the ‘patch correctly or not.

Without further ado – grab the newest build from Mods & Patches:

Important note

The first build shipped with Modupdater, which was meant to automatically update SP as soon as a new build is out. Sadly, I screwed up! This build will not be automatically picked up and you need to update manually! I apologize for any inconvenience.