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World Racing 2 Champion Edition offers the full experience and the classic gameplay of the original 2005 game, plus:

  • Custom unlicensed cars created by modifying the original 2005 game’s licensed ones, fitting in an unified “Synetic lore” of N.I.C.E., World Racing, and Crash Time
  • Revised environment art, placing the game’s sceneries in an unified “Synetic lore” of N.I.C.E., World Racing, and Crash Time
  • Numerous technical improvements that ensure smooth experience on both older and modern PCs
  • Support for ultrawide displays and modern controllers
  • Raised stock game limits and a 64-bit build, allowing for more extreme modding
  • Expanded Photo Mode
  • 52 achievements
  • Full Steam Workshop support, building upon the original game’s modding capabilities and expanding them further
  • Steam Remote Play Together, allowing players to play split-screen online
  • Steam Cloud

I’ve been contracted as a sole programmer for this re-release. I outlined the scope of technical changes the game is set to receive, upgraded the codebase to work with modern compilers and to support targetting 64-bit, upgraded the rendering API from Direct3D 8 to Direct3D 9Ex, implemented Steam Workshop and the corresponding uploader application, and worked on countless bugfixes and smaller changes.

Later in development I also took upon managing production more, being responsible for identifying the project requirements and looping in the right people.

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