Uptime Faker

Last update: April 8, 2021
Generic Windows library designed to help detecting issues related to high PC uptime.

The most accurate timers in Windows all count time from the time Windows has started. Historically, these values often were relatively small, as people usually shut down their PC at night, and therefore uptime stayed low. However, with the introduction of Fast Startup in Windows 8, uptime stopped resetting after shutting down the PC (since it’s now effectively a partial hibernation). This led to uptimes inflating noticeably for most people, as with Fast Startup enabled it resets only on a full PC reboot.

Turns out, older software often cannot handle high uptimes. Much to my surprise, Application Verifier did not have any options to help detecting such issues by faking high uptime, I decided to create this plugin.

To allow using Uptime Faker as a general purpose fix for games and/or applications not handling high uptime gracefully, v1.1 added a ProcessTime INI option, making timers count time from the process creation instead of the last reboot.

Setup instructions

Download (32-bit version) Download (64-bit version)
See source on GitHub


Last update: July 22, 2018

Generic in-process plugin for producing crash dumps from application crashes.

Setup instructions

See source on GitHub

IMG Builder

Last update: May 8, 2017

Native IMG Builder for GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

This tool allows you to build IMG files straight from directories, similarly to how Rockstar North built theirs.

See source on GitHub

GXT Builder

Last update: December 22, 2019

GXT Builder for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

This tool allows you to build GXT files from UTF-8 text files. It also contains a simple version control system for easy managing of translations.

See source on GitHub


Last update: September 18, 2023
A tool to unpack and/or build PlayStation CD images.

MKPSXISO v1.x was developed by Lameguy64. MKPSXISO v2.x is co-developed by G4Vi, spicyjpeg, Chromaryu, and myself.

mkpsxiso builds PlayStation CD images from an XML document.

dumpsxiso dumps PlayStation CD images to files and documents the precise structure to a mkpsxiso compatible XML document.

mkpsxiso is meant to provide a faster, cross-platform, modern replacement of the BUILDCD from the official development tools. BUILDCD unfortunately only runs on 16 bit DOS compatible systems and it’s output format is unusable by modern CD burning tools. Other ISO creation tools such as MKISOFS do not allow controlling the precise order of files (necessary for optimizing access times) and do not support mixed-mode type files for CD streaming such as XA audio and MDEC video streams used by many PlayStation games. mkpsxiso outputs either a standard .bin and .cue or .iso ready to burn to CD or use in an emulator! The hope is that mkpsxiso tools ease PlayStation homebrew development and ROM hacking and reverse engineer efforts. mkpsxiso can also be used as a regular ISO creation tool that complies with the older ISO9660 standard with no Joliet extensions.

mkpsxiso can properly license the image with the Sony license data during ISO building eliminating the use of the extra program. However, you must supply your own copy. It can be found in the PsyQ SDK, see Starting PSX Development. dumpsxiso can also dump the license data of an existing disk.


  • Uses XML for scripting ISO projects.
  • Outputs ISO images directly to iso or bin+cue image format.
  • Injects license data into ISO image correctly.
  • File LBA controlled by order of files allowing for file seek optimization (just like BUILDCD).
  • Supports mixed-mode CD-XA stream files such as XA audio and STR video.
  • Supports CDDA audio tracks from wav, flac, pcm, and mp3 files, both as DA files and just as audio tracks
  • Can output log of all files packed with details such as LBA, size and timecode offset.
  • Extract CDDA tracks from ISO as wav, flac, and pcm.
  • Many images can be rebuilt 1:1 now.
    • XML generation: by default in strict LBA order, but can instead sort by dir for pretty output.
    • Timestamps and XA attributes are preserved.

Download (Windows 64-bit)
Download (Linux 64-bit, DEB) Download (Linux 64-bit, RPM) Download (Linux 64-bit, ZIP)
See source on GitHub

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