Last update: July 6, 2018
Water reflections shall work properly again.

Far Cry, once a game considered an example of visual fidelity and de facto a benchmark of then-modern PCs, turns out not to be free of issues.

The main reason for creating this patch were broken water reflections - landmass would not reflect on water if the game is played on anything newer than Windows XP. This patch aims to fix this issue without a need for any D3D wrappers.

Crash and bug fixes

  • Water reflections now work as expected on modern Windows versions
  • Vertical Sync option now works as expected - it used to be ignored by the game completely, defaulting to VSync off
  • Fixed a crash occuring when using a mouse scroll wheel during loading screens
  • Fixed a crash/freeze on exit when using a 64-bit executable

Quality of life improvements

  • -64bit commandline option has been added - when it’s used, the game will always attempt to launch using a 64-bit executable. This is useful for getting a 64-bit version of the game to work via Steam, as previously it was required to swap files around.