Hey! This short post servers just as a heads up that Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition has reached a new version! Quoting the official website:

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is an ongoing project of enhancement packages that add various visual, audio, and bug improvements for the PC version of the game. Notable examples of what the enhancements improve on is the use of a widescreen camera in the game; higher display resolutions; removal of prominent audio bugs; PlayStation 2 quality audio and fog; better controller support; and much more. The use of these enhancement packages, made by a collaborative team of wonderful modders and programmers, makes for a definitive Silent Hill 2 HD experience.

I contributed several things for this release, namely:

  • Added XInput based controller vibration
  • Added an option to allow movement and menu navigation with DPad, like on PlayStation 2

You can watch mod’s presentation on their official channel:

To keep it short, head to the mod’s official website for a full changelog, installation instructions, download links and credits: Visit the official website

You may also want to follow Town of Silent Hill on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhereAllBegins

This also marks the first time I’m including a mod in my Mods & Patches list whose I’m not a main/sole author of. Any such listings will be marked clearly with a blue CONTRIBUTION badge.