Recently, I upgraded PCSX2 with an intent to check it out for the first time in years. I got to the Quick Start wizard and selected a preferred language, just to have next page’s navigation buttons end up looking like this:

Hold on a sec, that's not English.

Aside from the text being obviously too long1 (who came up with this translation? That’s not how Polish localizations handle navigation buttons at all), it’s also not displayed in the language it should be! This causes the navigation bar to look kind of like a frankenstein of languages.

Why is only Next button affected?

Well, it appears like only this button has its caption changed on runtime, due to the fact it can have either a Next or Finish caption:

const bool hasNext = HasNextPage(m_page);
const wxString label = hasNext ? _("&Next >") : _("&Finish");
if ( label != m_btnNext->GetLabel() )

What you don’t see here is retranslation process being carried on to strings enclosed in _(x). Retranslation is performed according to currently selected locale – and it ends up changing between the time of creating wizard’s buttons and Next/Finish button having its caption updated!

Fortunately, it’s trivially fixable by performing retranslation when creating buttons – and caching the result. This way I can fix it and use PCSX2 without wasting too much time and without my OCD weeping due to a single button being glitched…

…and let’s hope I don’t feel like touching Xenia or RPCS3 soon – as something similar happened when I tried out Dolphin.

Fix for the issue discussed here has been submitted back to PCSX2’s repository via a pull request.

October 31, 2018 update: Fix has been merged into both PCSX2 and wxWidgets. Success!

  1. And seemingly me being cursed with a curse of finding issues everywhere.