Woop! Four and a half months after the blog has launched, it’s now kind of finished! You might have seen some changes (most notably, a new banner!) appear through the last few days, but with this batch of updates it should be more or less feature complete (not content complete, mind you!).

If I got your attention this far, why not go through all the new features!?


This website bases on Type on Strap theme that supports tags, however in my version they were always disabled. As the size grows in content, I figured it’s time to make those return in form of Categories. From now on, posts are going to be categorized:

  • Articles – any “meaningful” content, like post mortems or other tech revelations from myself.
  • Releases – new mod releases and other announcements.
  • Progress Reports – mod-related posts which do not fit in neither of the above. I can’t promise Progress Reports as exciting as the ones posted by Dolphin or RPCS3 developers, however.
  • Other – everything else! Rants, personal opinions on games and anything else, announcements like this or, occasionally, cats.

Bear in mind that this list may change at some point.

Finished Mods & Patches page

Until now, that page was a mess, but no more! Now the page contains most mods sorted by game – or, in the case of GTA, sorted by series, then games.
That also means all SilentPatches are finally listed on the website – better late than never!

All image assets and design for this have been done by Ash R. – kudos to the man!

NOTE: Not all mods are listed yet – expect the other entries to appear very soon! I also plan to introduce a Tools section in nearby future.

Polished Portfolio page

Portfolio page also has received a minor makeover – now entries are more consistent styling wise, and display their respective game logos upon hovering.
Once again, all image assets have been provided by Ash R.!

Support link

Last but not least, some people have been asking if there is any way to support me – now there is! If you want to buy me a cookie, some beer or provide some cat food, you can use a PayPal button on the very bottom of this page!

Any donations are absolutely voluntary and you should not feel bad if you don’t send one – it’s just a minor extra motivator for myself and not anything pressing!